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'It was our pleasure to meet with you, we all felt very positive afterwards, and that your knowledge/ advice could really push the farm in the direction we all wish to go in. It was refreshing to talk with professionals who rather than be daunted by what we are trying to achieve here, are actually as excited as we are.'

William Batt
Waddeson Farms

Complete agronomy services

Edaphos offers agronomy services on all types of farms in all situations.  Our philosophy is to improve soil and plant health, whilst harnessing the soils stored resources to their full potential to achieve a healthy, well balanced system. 

Soil fertility and nutritional


Not looking for agronomist but require help with soil fertility and crop nutrition? We look in depth at nutrient interactions, crop limitations, nutritional balance, plant health, environmental factors, microbial activity, soil health, soil fertility and the makeup and availability of elements to evaluate nutrient needs and provide you with support and plans to move your business forward.

Stewardship schemes

Looking for or requiring help on stewardship schemes?

Countryside Stewardship helps ensure marginal areas work harder; putting them into environmental options often gives a better return than cropping them. Other options, such as cover cropping, may be something the farm is already doing without realising you can get a payment for them!


Julian Gold 

Hendred Estate

"What Edaphos is doing is helping to start rebuilding the bank balance and probably more to slow the degradation of that bank balance.”


Joe White

Sydmonton Court Estate

"We have noticed the soil structure is so much better, we can achieve better yields with less inputs and we find that the plant life is just so much better and so much healthier!"


Tim Parton

Brewood Park Farm

"I totally believe that the path we are on is the right way for us economically and environmentally. I am getting really excited about it now. It's all finally starting to come together where we are really seeing the improvements."

As featured in the 

'How low-input agronomists and farmers are leading the way'

One example of the new type of agronomist is Mike Harrington. Since setting up independent agronomy firm Edaphos, based in Oxfordshire, in 2005, he has become the go-to choice for forward-thinking farmers leading the low input revolution...