Events and talks

Education sits at the core of Edaphos. We believe that investing knowledge into our clients helps build a strong relationship that can continually grow as ideas evolve. A famous quote by Nelson Mandela reads, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” We want to help you to achieve your goals and at Edaphos we are certain that education is key.

We pride ourselves on promoting educational events that benefit our clients. This includes training days on Gatekeeper, Soyl and NRoSo as well as educational days on popular topics. Our agronomists are often invited to speak at events organised by other agencies, groups and clients. Events like Groundswell play a huge part in developing knowledge on specific systems like no-till farming. As well as these, Edaphos have provided talks to both schools and universities. When Edaphos talked at the Royal College of Art, at their soil health workshop, we received these glowing comments, “Many thanks for making our Across RCA soil health workshop special. The students loved you! I hope we can get you in to the college again sometime to inspire more of them!”

Educational talks 

Annually, Edaphos plan and run a couple of educational events. These events are always focused around a strong topic and aid helping us teach our clients. These half day events, provide NRoSo points and are open to all our agronomy and consultancy clients as well as special guests (space permitting).


Edaphos opts to attend only a few select shows. One is Groundswell, a no-till show focused on educating and moving agriculture to a more sustainable route. At shows Edaphos provide information packs, refreshments, great discussions, the odd freebie and a warm embrace to any interested in what we do! We are happy to offer seminars and soil workshops like we do at Groundswell. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possible option to support at an event you may be running.

Training days

Over the year Edaphos give adhoc training days on relatable programs. This includes Gatekeeper, Soyl, and NRoSo and is offered to all clients as part of their agronomy. These events are normally half a day and would include a guest speaker or industry trainer.

Educational talks and events.