Complete agronomy services

'It's becoming apparent that we are getting to a stage where we are growing a crop almost in its entirety with inputs from the chemical and fertiliser industries'

Edaphos provide agronomy, soil fertility and biological consultancy and nutritional advice. It is really important that we can provide these services in a well balanced system as it gives Edaphos agronomists an all round perspective on differing agricultural systems. Being able to understand the limitations and connections between each of these allows our agronomists to connect with the whole ecological pattern, which is vastly important in creating and maintaining a sustainable agriculture. 

Collect and understand all the vital information

Review and assess all information and processes

Create a range of solutions to suit your farms individual needs

work with you to implement the solutions

Test and measure the impact. Then review and refine the solution

As well as our full agronomy services, Edaphos offer agronomy consultancy days, half days and hourly visits. If you want to get advice, try us out or have a testing issue to work on, Edaphos agronomy consultancy could be a good fit!


Edaphos agronomists are FACTS, BASIS, Integrated Crop Management (ICM) and Nutrient Management Planning qualified with a keen interest in all things soil; biological and nutritional. A few of our team members are also qualified in Radionics and Soil and Water. Along with this, all Edaphos agronomists have training inatekeeper, IPF and SOYL and work closely with their clients in developing cropping plans, nutrient management plans, farm budget plans and long term rotations.

On-farm Edaphos agronomists carry out in field testing during their agronomy visits. This in field testing looks at Brix, Chlorophyll, Sap pH, Conductivity, nitrate and potassium measurement. Checking and measuring crops using these methods allows Edaphos agronomists to understand better as to how the plant functions, the movement and availability of nutrients being utilised.