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Edaphos Limited. Registered company number 05429937. Place of registration. Letcombe Regis, Wantage.       


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

Education sits at the core of Edaphos. We believe that investing knowledge in our clients helps build a strong relationship that continually grows, as ideas evolve. We want to help you to achieve your goals and at Edaphos we are certain that education is key.

We understand that education is key to a more sustainable agriculture, so we regularly update our videos and blogs and hope you will watch, read and enjoy them. 

Check out our YouTube channel for educational videos, case studios and more!

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Crop rotations.jpg

Crop rotations download

Why is crop rotation important? Crop rotation is important because it has to take into account a whole farm approach. Every farm is unique in its physical landscap and climates as well as its own needs of cropping and feed, also ....

Soil fertility.jpg

Soil fertility download

A healthy fertile soil cycles organic material and releases nutrition to the plant at a time the plant requires it, a soil in a biologically depleted state is unable to do this, the soil/plant/root interaction is less efficient leading to a cascade of issues that .....

Understanding nutrition download

Nutrition includes all factors taken from soil and biologically available nutrients, applied forms either as in an inorganic form such as N:P:K compounds or organic sources such as manures and compost .....

Understanding organic matter download

We hear so many talks about building organic matter. The thing is, there is very little cohesion in understanding the soil system and its consequences. The simple fact is that in a biologically active soil, just growing .....

Understanding cover crops download

Intensive agriculture has over time accelerated the decline in organic matter. There are many reasons why this has happened, but two particular inputs have been the main drivers over recent decades. The first is the heavy .....

Understanding nutrition and nutritional